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Home poker chip styles

Some chips are described as 'Clay'.  This means to say they are a clay composite material in the same style and with the same feel as traditional Paul-son and Bud Jones chips.  No chips are actually made from pure clay and neither have they been for around 70 years.  Clay is too soft, too light, and needs another 'agent' to bond it together.  Clay composite chips are compression moulded as opposed to the cheap injection moulded chinese made copies we see advertised regularly now.  We do not supply these inferior quality chips.  Many are only distinguishable from their casino quality counterparts when you actually have them in hand.  They are poorly constructed, slippery (and therefore dont stack well), often lighter and mis-shaped.  Beware before buying cheaper chips from elsewhere that you are comparing like with like.

The R&T plastics chips we advertise are the same 'clay compound' as described above with a plastic edge coating to provide more durability.

Chipco ceramic protec chips are made in the same way as the 'clay' chips but they have a smooth durable linen finish.  They are probably the hardest wearing of all chips available for home poker use and are the most widely used in casinos today.

All the poker chips we sell are made by manufacturers that also supply to real casinos.  The chips are of the exact same type as supplied to the casinos.